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System Specifications

System Specifications
The following specifications give a reasonable sample quote for a typical server used with CollectPlus. To help you plan your system purchase, we provide a list of sample quotes for a recommended system based on the number of users in your agency.
Please be aware that this quote is just a sample and CollectPlus is in no way responsible for guaranteeing any specifications or prices outlined below.
Base Unit
PowerEdge 600SC - Intel® Pentium®4 Processor at 2.4GHz, 533 FSB, includes Floppy
512MB DDR, SDRAM 1X512
Standard Windows Keyboard, Gray
15 in (13.8 in VIS) Color Monitor, Midnight Gray, E551
Hard Drive Controller
IDE RAID Controller, ATA100 / 4 Channel
Hard Drive Configuration
C6, 533Mhz FSB, Add-In Raid Card, Raid 5 with a 3 Hard Drive Configuration
Hard Drive 1 80GB 7.2K RPM IDE Hard Drive
Hard Drive 2 80GB 7.2K RPM IDE Additional Hard Drive
Hard Drive 3 80GB 7.2K RPM IDE Additional Hard Drive
Mouse Logitec System Mouse, Gray
1st Network Adapter On Board Network Adapter
CD/DVD ROM 48X IDE Internal CD ROM Drive
Network Switches Dell PowerConnect Network Switches: Dell 2016 16 port unmanaged switch, 1yr NBD Parts
Total Estimated Cost $3,410.00